Vinga (Gothenburg)

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Vinga island in May 2013.

Vinga is a small island 10 nautical miles (19 km; 12 mi) outside Gothenburg's harbour entrance in Sweden. The 19th century Vinga Lighthouse is noted, not only as a beacon in the waterway of the Swedish west coast, but also as the place where the Swedish poet laureate Evert Taube grew up. Today Vinga is a tourist attraction, with boats to and from Gothenburg harbour.[1]


The bedrock of Vinga is mostly made up of porphyrite (porfyrit), a volcanic rock with less Silicon dioxide, SiO2, than porphyry. The rock has a fine-grained structure, dark with lighter grains of feldspar and other minerals. The mineralogical composition of the Vinga porphyry classifies it as a monzogranite or quartz diorite. The northern part of the island contains orthopyroxene. The Vinga porphyry was created about 950 million years ago, when it penetrated the surrounding older gneiss rock.[2]


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Coordinates: 57°38′N 11°36′E / 57.633°N 11.600°E / 57.633; 11.600