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Welcome! If you are new to Wikipedia please visit Wikipedia:About to learn about the project.

Contact us about:

Article content

Everyone can edit an article on Wikipedia. So if you see something wrong, just click "Edit this page" (there are very few protected pages, pages people can not change).

If your question or comment is about a specific article, then use the 'Discuss this page' link on the problem page.See Wikipedia:Talk page for details.

To talk to a specific user about an article or any other problem, use their talk page ( or click the 'email this user' link on the person's user page. To see who wrote parts of a specific article, you can look at the page history.

Or you can send an email to with your question. The Email Help Team will help you with the issue.

General questions

Ask questions about Wikipedia itself or make general complaints on our Village pump, a general message board. Someone will move questions that do not belong there to a better place. Please look at the FAQ first.

Press questions

Reporters and other interested people: please send an email to our Email Help Team at

You can also contact Wikimedia founder Jimbo Wales directly. If you want to contact regular Wikipedians, first try Wikipedians and administrators.


People can discuss Wikipedia policy on the mailing lists: use wikien-l for the English Wikipedia and wikipedia-l for global project policy.

Removing and restoring pages

If you want to delete a page, then you can list it on Wikipedia:Proposed deletions. If someone deletes a page and you think it was a mistake or unfair, then please discuss this at Wikipedia:Request for undeletion.


Because Wikipedia is a wiki we get some vandalism. If you see vandalism to a page then please change the page to its last version (see: Wikipedia:How to revert a page to an earlier version for details). If the user is still vandalizing pages, then please tell other Wikipedians about this on our Vandalism in progress page. Then a administrators may block the IP address or user name of the vandal.

If you're unsure how to proceed, please send the Email Help Team a message at

Blocking people from editing

Sometimes it is necessary to block the IP address of a vandal (see above). Sometimes, however, that vandal shares the same IP address with another person trying to edit Wikipedia.

If you are such a person, you should follow the directions on the 'Blocked user' message when you try to edit. You can also directly contact a Wikipedia Administrator by visiting administrators.

Copyright questions

If someone uses your images or text on Wikipedia without asking, please report it here or via email to

If you only think that content on a particular page is a copyright infringement (someone is using copyrighted images or text without asking), then you may replace the text with the boilerplate copyright infringement notice text here. Then you should list that page at Wikipedia:Proposed deletions.

If you want to use Wikipedia content, it is not a problem because our licenses (the GNU Free Documentation License and CC-BY-SA) already allows you to use it—even commercially. However, you have to follow the terms (rules) of our license. Please see Wikipedia:Copyrights for details.

Wikipedia software

MediaWiki is the general wiki engine Wikipedia uses. You can ask questions about it on the wikitech-l mailing list. See also the MediaWiki User's Guide.

Software bugs and feature requests

Please report bugs and request new features at Phabricator—a special website for such reports. You can also use Wikipedia:Bug reports.

All others

If you're unsure where to go for help or have a problem that isn't talked about above, please send our Email Help Team an email at